Foods That Will Enhance Your Libido

Wish you could find a way to boost your libido level? The great news is that you can.  Maintaining a high sex drive involves more than just making sure you have a partner you’re attracted to and devoting the time and energy to regular bedroom sessions.

By factoring your diet in as well, you can maximize your libido so that the gym isn’t the only place you get regular exercise.  The foods you eat on a daily basis will definitely have an influence on your libido level, so this isn’t something to overlook.

Let’s have a quick peak at some of the top libido enhancing foods so that you can improve not only your body composition, but your love life as well.


Oysters are the first food to eat if you want to boost your libido level. They contain a high amount of zinc, which is critical for optimal testosterone production in the body, and will also help to cause a release of dopamine in the brain, which is a feel good chemical that promotes relaxation.


Next, nosh on watermelon next time you need a quick treat. Watermelon contains citrulline, which is an amino acid that can cause blood vessel dilation, increasing your sex drive.

Plus, it’s very low in calories so good for those who are trying to stay very lean as well.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the next food to eat if you want to boost your sex drive on a regular basis. While women will typically fall for this most often, men can benefit as well. Chocolate has a number of antioxidants that can defend against free radical damage and promote a higher overall sex drive as well.


Getting in enough healthy fats on a regular basis will also be critical for boosting your libido. Healthy fat intake is closely related to testosterone production as well, so getting enough will be important to maintaining your desire.


Asparagus is the next food to start adding to your diet to enhance your sex drive. It’s rich in folate, which helps to boost the level of histamine in the body, and this is directly correlated with your sex drive.

Try it with a little lemon juice over top.


Maca is a plant that has been used for many years to increase not only the libido level, but also energy, stamina, strength, as well as fertility.

You can get this in supplemental form in most health stores.

Pumpkin Seeds

Another food that delivers healthy fats that you’ll want to add to your diet are pumpkin seeds. These are also high in vitamin B, E, C, D, and K, all of which will help to improve sex drive and reduce the chances that you suffer from a low testosterone level.

Try them toasted for delicious flavor.

Hot Chili Peppers

Finally, consider adding some hot chili peppers to your diet as well. You may have heard that these can help to boost the metabolism, but what most people don’t realize is that they can enhance your libido level as well.

These contain capsaicin, which causes your heart rate to increase and can also cause the release of feel good endorphins in the body, giving you more energy and increasing your desire.

Plus, they’ll definitely boost the flavor of your dish.

So next time you want a little libido boost, consider any one of these foods. All will help you work up your desire and help you sustain that sex life you enjoy.

Give it a shot and let us know how it works out ;)

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